Our Business Model

Covalent Connections offers a multi layered business model of supplying product from stock and sale and CIF bases directly. Our presence globally helps in sourcing the right product at the right price. This translates into mutual commercial benefits strengthening strong Covalent bond we share with our customer. We are offering Products UV Stablizers, Antioxidants, TiO2, Carbon Black, Polymer Initiators, Peroxides, Hydrocarbon Resin, Metal Stearates, Calcium Carbonate etc. to Paints and Coatings, Plastics and Upstream Polymerization Rubber, Ceramics, Adhesive and Sealants etc.

Whether you are looking for a market for your products, or needing to procure raw materials for your industry – we are here to serve you in a very efficient and competitive manner. Please get in touch with us.

Our Statistics

Below are some numbers which give an idea about who we are

21 Years of Experience
30 Product Lines
18 Int. & Domestic Suppliers
11 Presence in Countries

Rutile TIO2


  • DAWN offers TiO2 for general purpose, paint application with better dispersion & for plastic master batch application.

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UV Stabilizers


  • Sunshow offers a wide range of Uv Stabilizers, Anti-Oxidants and Nucleating agents for use in plastics, Automotive and other industries.

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Calcium Carbonate


  • Ascom offers coated & uncoated calcium carbonate with various grade for Paint / paper / PVC pipes and cables / filler / colour MB industry

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Our Product Matrix

We offer a variety of products ranging from Powder Coating to Adhesives & Sealants.

International Suppliers

Domestic Suppliers

Recent News

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