Polymer Initiators / Peroxides


Rutile TiO2ACE Chemical Corp. is the first company in Asia specialized in manufacturing of organic peroxides and azo initiators. ACE Chemical is engaged in the chemicals production, product information, consultation and technical services pertaining to their products. ACE Chemical is registered as the brand name of Aceox®.  They provide polymer initiators, UPR curing agents, elastomers XL agents, water azo–initiators and oil initiators.  Their products are used to initiate polymerization reactions, improving polymer properties and optimizing polymer production processes.
Their products are mainly used in applications like:

  • High polymer polymerization initiators- ex. PVC, LDPE , styrene series , acrylic series, etc.
  • Rubber, elastomer, cross-linking agents
  • Unsaturated polyester resin curing agent
  • The polypropylene vis-breaking

ACE Chemical’s management team is backed by 23 years of specialized experience in the organic peroxide domain. They believe in high efficiency and standards, constant innovation and technical upgradation.